New Horizons Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2006-01-19  19:00:00Launch
2006-01-19  19:45Spacecraft separation from carrier rocket
2006-01-20  03:35Closest approach to the Moon (184,737 km)
2006-01-20  04:00Passes moon orbit 9 hours after launch. The fastest spacecraft ever to leave Earth (384,000 km)
2006-01-28Trajectory Course Maneuver
2006-01-30Trajectory Course Maneuver
2006-02-15Trajectory Course Maneuver
2006-04-07  10:00Crosses Mars orbit at a very great distance
2006-06-13  04:06:00Asteroid APL (2002JF56) Flyby
2006-08-24Pluto downgraded to dwarf planet
2007-01-08Image: Jupiter and Io from a long distance away
2007-02-14Gravitational tug of Jupiter exceeds that of the Sun. New Horizons enters the Jupiter system. (23,600,000 km)
2007-02-28  03:17Europa closest approach (2,964,860 km)
2007-02-28  05:43:40Jupiter Flyby
2007-02-28  06:41Ganymede closest approach (3,017,099 km)
2007-02-28  07:03Callisto closest approach (4,156,059 km)
2007-02-28  21:57Io closest approach (2,239,721 km)
2007-03-15Gravitational tug of Jupiter is again weaker than that of the Sun. New Horizons leaves the Jupiter system. (24,300,000 km)
2008-06-02  12:03:1810 AU from Sun
2008-06-07Closest approach to Asteroid Chiron (11.908 AU)
2008-06-08  08:16:00Crosses Saturn Orbit
2010-02-25Halfway to Pluto ... by distance flown
2010-07-14Halfway between the Sun and Pluto (as at C/A)
2010-10-17  03:29:30Halfway to Pluto ... by time
2011-03-17Closest approach to Neptune at 22.988 AU
2011-03-18Crosses Uranus Orbit
2011-05-22  06:32:2720 AU from Sun
2011-11-16Closest approach to Asteroid Pholus (11.173 AU)
2014-07-30  16:20:2930 AU from Sun
2014-08-24Crosses Neptune Orbit
2014-08-2525th anniversary of Voyager 2 Neptune flyby
2014-11-06Closest approach to L5 of Neptune at 3.79AU [approximate]
2015-04-21  23:20:02= = = Current Time = = =
2015-07-14  11:59:00Pluto Flyby
2015-07-14  12:00:56Charon closest approach (29,473 km)
2015-07-14  12:48:28Pluto-Sun occultation
2015-07-14  12:49:30Pluto-Earth occultation
2015-07-14  14:14:53Charon-Sun occultation
2015-07-14  14:16:03Charon-Earth occultation
2015-07-14Possible timeline of events during closest approach are available on this graphic.
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